Dell mengeluarkan server Blade PowerEdge M1000e

Sebuah server dengan teknologi Dell Energy Smart, Blade PowerEdge M1000e memastikan informasi teknologi tersimpan dengan efektif dengan pengalokasian yang lebih mudah dan aman.

PowerEdge M1000e memiliki enclosure dengan ukuran 10U dan mengsupport 16 server blade. PowerEdge M1000e dioptimalkan untuk server blade Dell PowerEdge M600 dan M605 serta mengsupport prossesor quad-core Intel Xeon dan quad-core AMD Opteron sebanyak 2 buah. 60% lebih padat daru server 1U standar, Blade PowerEdge M1000e jelas akan menghemat ruang dan efektifitas. Harga server ini berkisar 5,999 USD dengan harga blade dimulai dari 1,849USD.


Chassis Enlosure
Form Factor: 10U modular enclosure holds up to sixteen half-height blade servers
440.5mm (17.34") H x 447.5mm (17.62")W x 753.6mm (29.67")D
Empty Chassis only - 98lbs (44.5kg)
Chassis w/ all rear modules (IOMs, PSUs, CMCs, KVM) - 176lbs (79.8kg)
Max Fully loaded w/ blades and rear modules - 394lbs (178.7kg)

Power Supplies
3 (non-redundant) or 6 (redundant) 2360 watt hot plug power supplies
Redundant Power Supplies support 3+3 (AC redundancy), 3+1 (Power Supply Redundancy),or 3 + 0 (non-redundant) modes
System supports new Dynamic Power Supply Engagement functionality
Power Supplies Require 200+ volt AC input
Power Distribution options for the M1000e are 20A, 30A, 60A single phase, or 30A three phase options

Cooling Fans
M1000e Chassis comes standard with 9 hot pluggable, redundant fan modules

Input Device
Front Control Panel with interactive Graphical LCD
Supports initial configuration wizard
Local server blade, enclosure, and module information and troubleshooting
Two USB Keyboard/Mouse connections and one Video connection (requires the optional Avocent iKVM switch to enable these ports)

Enclosure I/O Modules
Up to six total I/O modules for three redundant fabrics, featuring Ethernet FlexIO Switches.
PowerConnectTM M6220 Ethernet Switch
Includes 4 x fixed copper 10/100/1000Mb Ethernet uplinks plus 2 of the following optional modules:
2 x 24Gb Stacking Ports
2 x 10Gb Optical (XFP-SR/LR) uplinks
2 x 10Gb copper CX4 uplinks

Standard Features include
Layer 3 routing (OSPF, RIP, VRRP)
IPv6 support
Layer 2/3 QoS
Access Control Lists

Dell Ethernet Pass-Through Module
Supports 16 x 10/100/1000Mb copper RJ45 connections

Brocade® M4424 SAN I/O Module
Access Gateway Mode or FC Switch
Access Gateway Mode enables NPIV functionality on external ports.

12 or 24 port versions with 4 or 8 x FC 1/2/4Gb SFPs respectively

4Gb Fibre Channel Pass-Through Module
16 x FC 1/2/4Gb SFP ports

System Management
Dell OpenManageTM System Management
Integration into 3rd party management solutions via Dell’s Preferred Partner Program

Remote Management
1 (standard) or optional 2nd (redundant) Chassis Management Controller(s) (CMC) which provide:
Single secure interface for inventory, configuration, monitoring, and alerting for the chassis and all components
Real Time Power/Thermal Monitoring and Management
Real Time System AC Power Consumption with reset-able peak and minimum values
System level power limiting and slot based power prioritisation
Manages Dynamic Power Engagement functionality
Manages fan speed control

Secure Web (SSL) and CLI (Telnet/SSH) interfaces
Supports multiple levels of user roles and permissions, including integration into Microsoft Active Directory Services
2 x 10/100/1000Mb Ethernet ports + 1 serial port
Provides single point of connection from management network to iDRAC on each of the blades and the management interfaces on the integrated I/O Modules
2nd Ethernet port supports daisy chaining of CMCs for improved cable management

Optional Integrated Avocent® keyboard, video and mouse (iKVM) switch
Enables USB and video port on front control panel
iKVM module has 2 x USB, video, and Analog Console Interface (ACI) ports
ARI port allows connectivity and seamless tiering via cat5 cables to Dell or Avocent KVM switches with Analog Rack Interface (ARI) ports.

External Storage Options:
Dell/EMC fibre channel and/or iSCSI external storage
PowerVault NX1950 Unified Storage Solution

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